Open Standards

Axle Media strives to develop software that follows open standards so that you can be sure you aren't entering data twice. In some cases, you don't even have to enter it once, if information from transactions is transferred to the right place automatically.

  • Integrate with public-licensed software
  • Integrate with proprietary software
  • Stay in touch with the industry
  • Ensure user trust
  • Prepare for future compatibility


Using public-licensed and other open source software isn't a matter of saving a few dollars today. It is a matter of saving the future of your company. Why acquire technical debt when you can reuse code?


Software works right when it works for you. Leave time for "you" by automating properly. You can program a vast codebase and call it IP, but what happens when you're off the clock? Custom software doesn't update itself and updating using NPM and other dependency managers will break your code if you aren't looking closely. Ensure that your passive income and security remain intact by using software that integrates with only the outside code you need.

Listening to you

Real world observation plays a huge role in creating accurate software with the features you need. We ask the right questions and give you options based on best practices so we can get the job done right. We integrate existing software and create custom software or connecting code where necessary to ensure your records are accurate and easy to maintain.

    Ala carte software

    Ala carte software is pre-made software by vendors such as Hierosoft LLC that Axle Media can recommend and integrate for you, as opposed to the bespoke (made-to-order) software that Axle Media can create for you. (Jake Gustafson, Owner) (ala carte software) Support the free apps and eBooks if you want more and better like this.